Conquer Them All

A RPG Tower Offense action card battle game for Android & IOS users

About Summoners: Angel’s Wrath

An Intense Strategy Action battle game.

Summoners, is an Clicker and collectible battle game made with fast paced combat! This game is focused around tapping your screen repeatedly to send your minions to attack the enemy in a spawning rush!

Recruit Unique Characters

Play 23 unique characters and 69 unique minions, each with their own unique abilities in combat. Play as the Bomoh for Cursed Creatures, Mad Scientist for an undead apocalypse, a Taoist for instilling fear and many more different characters!

Intense Battles

Fast paced creature rush and intense combat in the war between heroes! Tap on the screen to spawn minions to quickly decimate your foe and their minions. The more tapping you make, the more devastating your forces will be. Deliver character specific special abilities like Scientist’s Poison or the Wrath of the Overlord!


Answer the call

Only you and your chosen character can undertake the journey to help Lord Devi to conquer the 5 worlds and repel the overlord of each world. Rise from the mystery of the undead world, rise under the burning hell of flames, travel through the advance surface of earth to be the strongest overlord.


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