Bomber Girls: Episode I

A survival game fused bomber style combat that features slight RPG elements!

About Bomber Girls: Episode I

“The Living Dead surrounds you, will you be able to escape?”

BomberGirls is a survival game fused with bomber style combat that features slight RPG elements! Escape the ruined city before the horde overwhelms you. Your only defense, ‘newly made’ legal Bombs!

4 Unique Girls

As the title states, BomberGirls has you commanding 4 different girls with their own specializations and personalities. Such as the college student, who is the most reckless girl you will ever meet, with a love for bombs. Set one of them as your Comrade and get to know them better throughout the day.

Large Variety of Skills

Outfit each girl with their own set of Skills to better survive the apocalypse. Level them through their experiences and upgrade them to reach their maximum potential.

A Detailed World

An apocalyptic setting in a Chibi anime artstyle, beautifully rendered on a mobile platform.

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